Pray and Praise Night

20 may 2012 - Grace… peace… family… water… travelling… spending time with friends… These are a few of the things the youth thanked God for in the youth tent.  We were reminded not to take everyday blessings for granted, and to remember the many reasons for gratitude. (More)

Knitting with Roma Children in mind

20 may 2012 - Linda Widmer, who lives in Bern and is a member of Mennonitengemeinde Bern, has accomplished no mean feat for the SMM relief project: She has knitted more than 25 pairs of socks. Why would someone choose this way of reaching hands across borders?  She told us in this interview. (More)

On the Footsteps of Christian Fankhauser

19 may 2012 - On Friday and Saturday, the 7 to 12 year olds followed the footsteps of « Christian Fankhauser ». (More)

Morning Prayers

18 may 2012 - On Friday morning at 8:30, six people met in the Quiet Room for morning prayers. The Quiet Room is a place of contemplation in the midst of a very lively conference. (More)

Teens Programme Starts With a Bang

18 may 2012 - This morning MERK teens (13 to 16 year olds) started their programme. (More)

Great Expectations

17 may 2012 - MERK 2012 begins today with many more participants than expected. The initial expectations of the organizers have already been exceeded. So what do the many participants expect from the 9th edition of MERK? (More)

Exhibition and More

14 may 2012 - Mission and relief organisations, peace and social initiatives, training centres, book publishers and more will present their work at the 2012 MERK in Sumiswald. The exhibition is spread across the entire upper area of the event hall. (More)

Everyone is welcome on Sunday

12 may 2012 - The closing service of the MERK 2012 in Sumiswald on Sunday, May 20th is public and open to all without any advanced notification. Many of the daily participants are expected to be from Mennonite congregations in Switzerland. (More)

MERK 2012 includes silent moments and times of prayer

11 may 2012 - With over 850 participants each day, the MERK 2012 is a bustling event with an active intercommunion. However, it also offers moments of silence and contemplation with its room of peace and times of daily prayer. Both aspects will be play a key role in this year's MERK. (More)

Teens in the footsteps of the Anabaptists

7 may 2012 - This year's teen program will also contain the ''TAC'', a weekend activity that gives exciting insights to Switzerland's Anabaptist history and the importance of the Anabaptists. (More)

Anne Zernike – Meeting the First Female Pastor of the Netherlands

20 April 2012 - Dutch Mennonites are bringing a moving biography to Sumiswald on May 19. Korneel Roosma-de Vries is performing the solo theatre play "Anne Zernike" in the auditorium of the Evangelical Free Church. It portrays the first woman who became pastor in the Netherlands, one century ago (1911). (More)

Remember to pack those socks, sharpeners and soap for Sumiswald!

9 March 2012 – The Swiss Mennonite Mission (Nothilfe) invites you to participate in a special part of the MERK programme. We want to extend our hands in a practical way, to give the gift the of human dignity. (More)

Die MERK ist für mich Begegnung, Inspiration und Impuls

24 November 2011– Interview mit Markus Rediger, Hauptverantwortlicher für die MERK 2012 in Sumiswald/Schweiz. ( More )

Wann kann man sich für die MERK anmelden?

9 August 2011 – „Wie geht es mit der MERK?“ werden die Verantwortlichen etwa gefragt. „Grundsätzlich gut, wir kommen Schritt für Schritt voran in der Planung und Vorbereitung“ ist die Antwort. Die 8. Europäische Mennonitische Regionalkonferenz MERK 2012 nimmt konstant Form an! ( More )

MERK 2012 is taking shape

30 April 2011 – At the beginning of April, the international programming committee completed the detailed programme for the European Mennonite Regional Conference MERK 2012. ( More )

17 Fragen zur MERK

12 April 2011

( More )

MERK 2012: Es geht um Berufung und Leidenschaft

12 February 2011– Warum Jürg Rindlisbacher, einer der Hauptverantwortlichen für die Mennonitische Europäische Regionalkonferenz MERK 2012 vom 17.-20. Mai 2912 in Sumiswald, sich gerne für den Anlass engagiert. ( More )

Das MERK 2012-Thema steht

15 November 2010 – Hände reichen über Grenzen" ist das Thema der MERK 2012 in Sumiswald. Das internationale Programmkomitee hat am 22./23. Oktober in Muttenz bei Basel / Schweiz den Programmentwurf für die Mennonitische Europäische Regionalkonferenz erarbeitet, die vom 17.-20. Mai 2012 in Sumiswald stattfindet. ( More )

Nächste MERK 2012 im Emmental, Schweiz

27 April 2010 – Zur nächsten Europäischen Mennonitische Regionalkonferenz (MERK) laden die Schweizer Mennoniten vom 17. - 20. Mai 2012 nach Sumiswald im Emmental ein. Die Vorbereitung des viertägigen Treffens europäi- scher Mennoniten ist angelaufen. ( More )