Pray and Praise Night

20 may 2012 - Grace… peace… family… water… travelling… spending time with friends… These are a few of the things the youth thanked God for in the youth tent.  We were reminded not to take everyday blessings for granted, and to remember the many reasons for gratitude. The deep orange sun that shone behind the worship band in the dark tent spoke to us of the beauty and complexity of creation. We need God’s sun (Son!) to grow, as we heard repeatedly in prayer, praise and worship. Life can be very serious but also fun and humorous, and we can look beyond our doubt and fears because Christ went to the depths of the grave, looked death in the face, defeated it, and rose again. We Christians shouldn’t lose our lust for life and make it our task to care for creation – this was the message of some of the music.  When we ask ourselves how we can grow further and we look at our relationships with each other and with creation, we realize that we never run out of ways to grow. Growing with God in all things and overcoming obstacles together with people from all over the world in God’s tent – this is the essence of the Prayer and Praise Night.

Isabell Mans
MERK Press centre