Everyone is welcome on Sunday

12 may 2012 - The closing service of the MERK 2012 in Sumiswald on Sunday, May 20th is public and open to all without any advanced notification. Many of the daily participants are expected to be from Mennonite congregations in Switzerland.

With the theme ''Go Forth, with the Lord's Blessing'', the closing service will reflect on the past conference days with messages from Ruth Raab Zerger (Germany) and Philippe Gonzalez (Switzerland) to continue on courageously and join each other in receiving the Holy Spirit. On this Sunday the Mennonite congregations from Switzerland will not hold services in favour of the MERK. A group from the Alsace will be attending and afterwards make their way to the Emmental. As well, a group from one of the Free Churches in Sumiswald will be joining with the MERK community. The event hall and tent will stay open after the service for 1-2 hours for those having lunch to enjoy each other's company.