MERK 2012 includes silent moments and times of prayer

11 may 2012 - With over 850 participants each day, the MERK 2012 is a bustling event with an active intercommunion. However, it also offers moments of silence and contemplation with its room of peace and times of daily prayer. Both aspects will be play a key role in this year's MERK.

The room of peace on the lower level of the main hall is available at all times during the MERK. The setup of the room, as well as the inclusion of Christian symbols such as the cross, bible, song books and candles, help to foster an atmosphere for reflection. The room could be used as "a place of refuge for those that are perhaps in need of a break from conference events, to pose personal questions, or would just like to make time for silent prayer," explains project coordinator Fritz Röthlisberger. Three times throughout the day people can also gather for daily prayer. In addition, Therese and Charles-André Broglie have prepared a small liturgy along with songs, bible verses, meditations, moments of silence, as well as prayers of thanks and intercession. Prayer requests can be written on cards and placed in the prayer box. They will then be incorporated during the prayer times in the morning, at noon, and at the end of the day. Silent moments and times of prayer will make up an important element of the MERK. This mindset will help to make it clear that the ''success'' of the MERK ultimately comes from the Lord's blessing and the work of the Holy Spirit through the participants, says MERK organiser Jürg Rindlisbacher.